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Isle of Wight Walker's Map

Isle of Wight Walker's Map

Walking Map 
ISBN 978 1 85215 1911
Scale: 1: 41,000 
Sheet size: 960mm x 700mm
Published: 2016 

Produced in co-operation with Visit Isle of Wight and using Ordnance Survey cartography under licence, this brand new, double-sided, full colour map is overlaid with 16 clearly marked colour-coded long distance walks around the scenic Isle of Wight.

All the walks have been fully checked on foot by a local walker and feature all the relevant footpath numbers. They include the popular coastal path, broken into six manageable sections (including the latest coastal path reinstatements); the Yar River Trail; the Worsley Trail; the new Warrior Trail devised by the Ramblers Association; the Bembridge Trail; the Hamstead Trail; the Nunwell Trail; the Stenbury Trail; the Freshwater Way; the Tennyson Trail; and the Shepherd’s Trail. The map also includes a useful list of walker-friendly accommodation across the Island, from hotels and cosy B&Bs to hostels, farms and self-catering hideaways, so walkers can book their ideal holiday getaway.

For each walk a choice of bus stops and car parks are shown at each end of the route as well as along the way, enabling walkers to plan their journeys. In addition to the featured paths, the map also shows all the major rights of way across the Island, making it easy to join together sections of routes or devise alternative walks to suit. The Southern Vectis bus route map is also included together with a range of other useful information including pubs and cafes, viewpoints, ferry routes and visitor attractions.

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